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Dapper Meets Dashiki

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Dapper Meets Dashiki

First off, welcome back & Happy Black History Month! I hope that you've enjoyed it thus far! Today's post is all about an African garment that we all are somewhat familiar with, the "dashiki!" The dashiki's existence here in America dates back to the 1980's and was worn as a form of rebellion in relations to the way blacks were treated. The colorful printed pieces of fabric were worn by African Americans in place of the traditional suit, shirt, and tie.

I've honestly always found Dashikis to be so beautiful and yearned to wear one.  One of my coworkers went home to Ghana and to my surprise brought me back two custom dashikis!  (thanks Fatou!) It was ironic that she had brought those back because my good friend Jordan Yebe had just mentioned his next campaign to me. Jordan has an extensive and growing line of dashikis that he ships all over the world. Furthermore Jordan just launched his newest campaign "Dapper meets Dashiki"  which is right up my alley! The campaign is simply an effort to bridge the gap between the current trends and the historical clothing article, the dashiki. I asked Jordan what his overall goal was for his campaign and brand and his responce was "I want to show the world that you can still be fashionable while being substantial." When he first told me about the campaign I was super excited so of course I had to create some "Polished" takes on "Dapper meets Dashiki"


Look 1

When I think of dapper, I immediately think of suits, so yes you guessed it. I wore my dashiki with a suit, well, something like a suit. I cheated a little bit and paired black dress joggers with a black blazer. (I don't recommend mixing sets unless its a casual occasion & it actually looks good) Okay now moving on from my little secret, this was a very simple and sleek, yet cultivated look. This is a look that anyone can accomplish, just match between your basic suit collections and whatever dashiki you have. The pocket square and lapel flower are optional of course, but I think it brings the whole dapper concept into play. On another note this outfit doubled as my look for the Next 15 premier party & I received awesome feedback!

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Pocket Square- Izod

Lapel Flower-Izod


Socks-Sock Market


Look 2

The second thing that comes to mind when I think dapper is the whole sweater, shirt, and tie combination. So yes you guessed it again, I created that look while integrating a beautiful dashiki into the equation. This was actually a really unique look, because I used the dashiki in place of what would usually be a sweater. For a look such as this one simply pair the dashiki with a color coordinating under shirt (casual or dress) and go from there. Because Dashikis are so vibrant, you have so many options when it comes to accessories. I decided to keep it neutral with a forest green skinny tie and brought it all together with a pair of hazel and chocolate colored, cap toed oxfords.

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Dashiki - Ghana

Tie- Forever 21

Shirt- American Apparel

Denim- HM

Trench Coat-Forever 21

Shoes- Johnston & Murphy

Photography - Adrena Martin


I'm so happy I finally had the opportunity to wear a dashiki! Incorporating the dashikis allowed for the looks to be unorthodox yet quintessential. I applaud Jordan for educating our generation on these vibrant clothing articles. I strongly encourage you all to visit Jordan's store and get your own Dashiki now! In closing I love feedback so which look was your favorite? Will You be "polishing" your dashiki in the ways that I did? Be sure to subscribe, follow, like, and tag me in your looks! (IG @Polished_Well) #DapperMeetsDashiki

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