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Rashad ShermanComment
Welcome back! I hope that you're enjoying your autumn and it's weather while we have it! This past weekend I was fortunate enough to link up with my good friend Caitlin of SlayCaitySlay.com for a good ole fashion "photo swap." I was elated about this, one because she is so amazing and two because I had the perfect outfit in mind. A few weeks ago I pretty much purchased what I'd consider my "black suit" of autumn, an olive green suit!
Y'all so the real tea is that I've been wanting an olive suit for quite some time now, so when I found this one and realized it was the only one in my size, honestly and truly I knew that I HAD to get it.
Now lately I've hada weird change of heart going on, to the point that I'd prefer a bomber over a blazer & likewise with an athletic shoe over my usual go to loafer or brogue. For this reason I switched it up today and pulled out one of my favorites purchases of the year, my rose gold metallic kicks. One reason I love this pair of shoes so much is because they independently serve as statement piece, which ultimately allows me to embrace simplicity with the remainder of my looks (next time you see that loud out there shoe, get it!). 
 Continuing to embrace that simplicity, I opted for a funnel turtleneck to tie the look together. As far as accessories, of course I polished up the lapel with a gold leaf shaped broached (because you know I'm turning over a new leaf or whatever the saying is) and a few gold rings as finishes. (shop the look below)
This look worked so well due to it being balanced, mixing a little street..with a little dapper. I think the look also speaks to me on a deeper level, as far as being balanced. I think having a balance is essential not only to our looks but also our livelihood. So during this upcoming season exercise balance; don't work too hard, but work enough, shop, but don't shop too much, receive, but don't forget to give. And most of all keep that same balance with God while we remember the real reason for the season.


Happy Thanksgiving,



Photos by Caitlin

Location: Atlanta Belt-line

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