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Sweater Weather

Rashad ShermanComment
Sweater Weather

This past weekend I had the joy of going home to South Carolina for a pre-thanksgiving dinner with my family. I was so amped for this trip mainly because I'm a fat boy at heart and because I love family time. It may just be me, but every time I go out of town I feel like I have to have on something new (don't judge me). Upon getting the urge to shop I asked myself "What should you wear?" and before I could answer I told myself that I wasn't allowed to spend more than $30. I soon decided that I wanted to wear a sweater simply because when I think of thanksgiving I not only think of food, I think of sweaters which are very comfortable and are able to hide those infamous Turkey Day food babies. Of course I found a million and one sweaters I wanted that were over $30 but after checking around I finally found the perfect one. The sweater came in two different colors one of them being black (my favorite color) but I wanted to be a bit more in the Holiday spirit so I opted for the Autumn Wine Colored instead.

After getting past the hard part of deciding on a sweater I had to choose whether I wanted to dress the sweater up, or dress it down. In most cases I would dress it up so I got away from my personal normality and dressed it down. I paired it with  my good and faithful, sand splashed, distressed jeans. This really helped me achieve the whole dress down vibe I was aiming for.

As for shoes I decided to go which a cayenne soled chocolate wingtip. I absolutely love these shoes because they came laced with two sets of shoe strings, one set in the cayenne red color and one in the chocolate color. These shoes are really malleable in that they allow you to be as euphoric or as modest as you'd like. I didn't want to be too flashy so I opted for showcasing mainly the chocolate shoe strings while allowing the middle rows to be the cayenne color. To top it all off I threw in a a navy briefcase satchel, wine colored fedora, a tan trench coat, and a simple eggshell colored wrist watch. Outfits such as this allow for so much movement. This outfit is simple and can be done by just about anyone. (Details Below) 

I was unable to find all of these items online but I've found similar items and linked them in bold.



Denim-American Eagle

Wingtips-Steve Madden

Satchel Briefcase-Call It Spring

Trench Coat-Forever 21




What will you be wearing to the dinner table? I hope that I was able to inspire and spark something in you. Be sure to tag me in your looks.

Photos by Christopher Bristol.

In everything be grateful, enjoy the sweater weather, and have a Happy Thanksgiving
— Rashad